Way ahead of third

Once again, we take our lead from Brian J.:

[WSIE] recently introduced me to Cindy Bradley who sounds a little like later Herb Alpert. She might be the second prettiest trumpeter in the world.

There was no way I was going to let that go by unnoticed:

In other news, Dubai has a jazz festival.

Cindy Bradley plays it loud

Born near Buffalo in 1977, she first studied the piano, but they weren’t teaching piano in grade-school music classes, so she picked up the trumpet.

Cindy Bradley is ready to go

And today, when she’s not recording or touring, she’s teaching band to students in New Jersey.

Cindy Bradley in portrait mode

“Massive Transit” is from her 2011 album Unscripted.


  1. John Salmon »

    9 March 2019 · 11:07 pm

    Well, maybe the third prettiest trumpet player. Brit Alison Balsom and Norwegian Tine Thing Helseth are certainly rivals. Bradley has a nice trumpet sound and style.

  2. The Other McCain »

    11 March 2019 · 6:00 pm

    Rule 5 Monday: Komi-san Has A Communication Problem

    […] At Dustbury, it’s Taylor Swift and Cindy Bradley. […]

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