Where are the Snowdons of yesteryear?

Lisa Snowdon is still around, as fashion models and TV presenters always seem to be. It’s perhaps worth noting that her parents spelled that surname “Snawdon,” with an A; she changed it when she signed with a modeling agency. She hadn’t planned on being a model, but she apparently decided it was better than pole-dancing.

Lisa Snowdon rides that train

Her first television job was on MTV UK; she went on to several medium-profile gigs, including Sir David Frost’s sidekick on Through the Keyhole, and the host of Britain’s Next Top Model.

Lisa Snowdon shaves her legs, presumably not with Guinness

Presumably unrelated to her work, in 2010 she contracted viral meningitis, and after recovering became a fundraiser for research into the disease.

Does this guy have the best job in the world, or what?

Of course, it takes two to tango:

She and her partner finished third on that season of Strictly Come Dancing.


  1. Roger Owen Green »

    19 March 2019 · 8:25 pm

    Mostly unrelated, there was a segment on CBS This Morning Saturday this past weekend. It was about churches having other businesses within their building in order to make ends meet: yoga classes, flower arranging, yoga. But they drew the line at pole dancing.

  2. CGHill »

    19 March 2019 · 9:10 pm

    Lines must be drawn, and that seems like a reasonable place.

  3. The Other McCain »

    25 March 2019 · 12:24 am

    Rule 5 Sunday: Katharine McPhee

    […] Proof Positive’s Friday Night Babe is Kelly Stables, and his Vintage Babe is Kathleen Nolan. At Dustbury, it’s Lisa Snowdon and Nancy Pelosi. […]

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