The star-making machinery v2.0

An algorithm is now on the artist roster at a major label:

Warner Music has become the first major label to sign a record deal with an algorithm.

The German mood music app Endel has been signed to create 20 albums this year alone with five already released. The app creates personalised soundscapes for users depending on their requirements, whether it be to relax or to focus. The official site refers to it as “a cross-platform audio ecosystem.”

Well, um, okay, if you say so.

The app, currently available on smartphones and via the Amazon Echo, uses inputs such as the time of day and the weather to create certain sounds. So far, the five albums released have been called Clear Night, Rainy Night, Cloudy Afternoon, Cloudy Night and Foggy Morning, all based around different types of sleep.

I suppose “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” is out of the question.

Endel Techstars Music Demo Day Keynote from Endel on Vimeo.

Is this wonderful, creepy, or All Of The Above?

(Via Fark.)

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  1. McGehee »

    24 March 2019 · 12:04 pm

    No. The coders deserve the royalties and the credits. If their names aren’t on the copyrights they’re getting robbed.

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