And the wild waters flow

We’re walking in downtown Oklahoma City, and we pause for a moment. “This,” I intoned in the manner of a tour guide who takes himself too seriously, “is Kerr Park, named for Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr.”

“No it isn’t,” came the reply.

Okay, so that scheme wouldn’t have worked. And actually, I know less about Miranda Kerr than I do about some other supermodels, not that this is a particularly high bar.

Australia’s Dolly magazine, a publication for teenage girls, used to have a modeling competition every year, and Miranda won in 1997. The resulting photoshoot was relatively modest, appropriate for a girl who didn’t turn 14 until after its publication, but apparently some people thought it excessively sexy. Said Miranda later:

“In the media at the time they were trying to cling on to anything remotely to do with paedophilia. Dolly is a magazine for teenage girls, not for old men. And I was fully clothed! Doing a winter shoot! They just made something out of nothing.”

Miranda Kerr deploys a lot of leg

Miranda Kerr displays a peace sign

Miranda Kerr disguised as a nerd

Photographer Russell James, on her appeal as a model:

We love her because she has the most incredible girl-next-door look and she’s also insanely beautiful. It means women are not intimidated by her looks and guys think they might be able to talk to her. It’s a fantastic combination … people want to be around her; she’s fun on a shoot … and she’s not stupid, which can be a very annoying trait among some models.

Herewith, a bit of banter with Craig Ferguson:

The guy definitely thought he could talk to her.


  1. G. L. Hancock »

    30 March 2019 · 7:55 pm

    Looks pretty damn sexy to me!

    Oh, and how does the magazine prevent dirty old men from looking at it?

  2. CGHill »

    30 March 2019 · 11:39 pm

    They folded a few years back, so I don’t know what, if any, steps they were taking.

  3. The Other McCain »

    1 April 2019 · 2:54 pm

    In The Mailbox: 04.01.19

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