The triumph of humor, maybe

Ukraine may be electing a professional comedian to its presidency:

A comedian with no political experience has won the most votes in the first round of Ukraine’s presidential elections, according to exit polls.

They say Volodymyr Zelenskiy — who played the president on TV — received 30.4% of the vote, with current leader Petro Poroshenko second on 17.8%.

The two — who have expressed largely pro-EU opinions — are set to take part in a run-off election next month.

Ex-PM Yulia Tymoshenko appears to have been eliminated on a projected 14.2%.

(Previous coverage here.)


  1. jsallison »

    1 April 2019 · 6:59 pm

    Given recent Ukrainian presidents, mebbe the electorate have decided to take a flyer, like us. What could it hurt?

  2. McGehee »

    1 April 2019 · 9:45 pm

    I’ve always said politics is the lowest form of comedy.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have said it so frequently.

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