This old man, he played none

As opposed to some others we could name, who possibly never stopped playing:

To accuse an old man of making an “unwanted sexual advance” is redundant, because any sexual advance made by an old man is “unwanted.” The number of people — male or female — who want to have sex with David Boren is exactly zero. Certainly there was no reason for him to imagine that his sexual advances toward a 21-year-old college boy would be welcome. Rumors about Boren’s sexuality have circulated for decades; during his 1978 Senate campaign, he quite literally swore on a Bible that he was not gay. This latest accusation is perhaps not completely surprising, and the question is whether it will trigger a #MeToo avalanche of accusations by other men with whom Boren has been intimate, “unwanted” or otherwise. And I suppose some people will blame this situation on “homophobia,” arguing that if it weren’t for the repressive and intolerant forces of hate, David Boren never would have been forced to conceal his attraction to men, blah blah blah.

Except that’s actually irrelevant. Society never forced Joe Biden to conceal his heterosexuality, and yet Biden is now having a #MeToo moment because he was too stupid to realize that the number of women who want to be groped by an old politician is exactly zero. And having seen photos of David Boren in the 1970s, I’m not sure that anyone — male or female — ever found him sexually attractive. Maybe when Boren was in his 20s or 30s, he could have scored with a college guy, but probably not. However, if he did, it would have been easy for Boren to keep it secret, because no guy would ever want to admit that publicly.

There was a brief discussion on Twitter yesterday about some article or other that described Biden as “touchy,” which to normal people means “the equilibrium of the apple cart is constantly threatened.” Perhaps they meant “handsy.”


  1. McGehee »

    2 April 2019 · 7:36 pm

    Saw a comment noting that Biden is somewhat older than Trump but is thought to be the best candidate to defeat him.

    Remember when the Democrats were supposed to be the Party of Youth and “Vigah”?

  2. hollyh »

    3 April 2019 · 8:45 am

    I wish the Democrats would stop screwing this up. Last time, we were offered two stodgy middle-aged white people. Can’t we improve on that, this time around? We do have lots of youthful good-looking candidates (and yes, looks and charm certainly DO count; that is what we got wrong last time).

  3. fillyjonk »

    3 April 2019 · 10:58 am

    The dude is Silent Generation. So, like as old as my parents (almost). I’d feel a lot more comfortable with one my my parents in the Oval Office than this dude. (They wouldn’t run, not in a million years).

    I will also note that as a 50-year-old woman*, I have no illusions that anyone would want any “advances” of any kind from me, so I keep my hands to myself.

    (*I still boggle at that. How did I get here?)

  4. The Other McCain »

    11 April 2019 · 8:11 pm

    FMJRA 2.0: Let’s Dance

    […] Democrat Ex-Sen. David Boren Accused of Being Creepy Old Gay Closet Case: EBL, Dustbury […]

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