Municipal plugs

The City Manager has prepared a report to Council on resource-saving measures [link goes to PDF file] undertaken by city government, including biofuels conversion of city vehicles and wastewater reuse for golf-course maintenance, and I spotted this little surprise near the end:

Mayor Cornett received an inquiry about electric cars and the availability of charging stations in the downtown area and at malls in Oklahoma City. We are working with Downtown OKC [Inc.] and COTPA to determine whether OG&E would have an interest in providing these stations.

My guess: they would, if the city would pony up the startup costs for the first few. The number of actual electric cars around town can likely be counted on the fingers of one hand, but as Ron Gremban, believed to be the first person to convert a privately-owned Toyota Prius to plug-in operation, once said:

The use would be marginal, but the attitude that it would promote would be much more valuable. Basically, the town is saying that electric propulsion is a good thing.

How much it would cost to recharge a vehicle remains to be seen; however, I suspect it’s going to be rather a lot less than a tank of unleaded, even allowing for the difference in ranges. I spent $36 just the other day for enough gas to go about 270 miles; an electric with a 30-mile range will come in ahead of the game if it can be recharged for less than $4. It also remains to be seen whether that electric can be juiced up in anywhere near the five or six minutes it takes me to fill up Gwendolyn’s tank.

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