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Off the Quora queue: How can I get a fake credit card? I don’t want to generate a fake credit card number but instead I want to have a physical card with a name and some non-working number printed on it so that other people will assume its mine.

And how are these “other people” going to see this fake card, unless you actually try to buy something with it? Or are you going to glue it to your forehead so they have no choice but to see it? (In that latter case, you should superglue it to your penis, thereby displaying twice with the same motion.)

If you have money to spend, one Quoran suggests:

I assume you want such card to pose and increase your street cred rather than to con people.

The simplest would be going to the famous (or infamous) Chinese website “Taobao” and buy a “props” AMEX Centurion card there. You can give them your name and it would be imprinted on the card. It looks quite real but of course it’s totally nonfunctional.

And it’s totally $125, which is a lot to spend for someone who evidently can’t get a real credit card.


  1. fillyjonk »

    7 April 2019 · 6:20 am

    I doubt this is still the case *anywhere* but I remember 30 years ago or so part of the reason I first got a credit card is that some of the businesses where I would pay for things by check would not accept a check without a credit card number.

    Supposedly, if the check bounced, they would then charge your card, but I think that’s been made illegal. (It was possibly illegal even when they are doing it, but I was a college student and some of those businesses kind of hated college students)

  2. Roger O Green »

    7 April 2019 · 1:00 pm

    you are a quora hero

  3. CGHill »

    7 April 2019 · 4:43 pm

    I am no hero. I believe, however, that a person (1) needs a moral code and (2) needs to live by it.

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