You must be this tall to watch this skirt

The YouTube channel formerly known as She Politico has mutated into something called “The Sexy Legs of Women in Politics!” And yes, they mean that exclamation point. I’ve followed these guys — I assume they’re guys — for some time, and every now and then they present me with a puzzle. I dialed up Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Donald Trump’s slightly wacky press secretary, and found this notice on the video: “Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines)”.

Is someone seeing something here I’m not? I went back through a few recent uploads, and found:

Joanna Mucha, member of parliament from Poland: not restricted.

Libby Schaaf, mayor of Oakland: not restricted.

Kirstjen Nielsen, former Secretary of Homeland Security: not restricted.

Theresa May, Prime Minister of the UK: “Age-restricted video (requested by uploader)”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Representative from New York: not restricted.

Jacinda Ardem, Prime Minister of New Zealand: not restricted.

Ayelet Shaked, Justice Minister of Israel: not restricted.

Krysten Sinema, Senator from Arizona: “Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines)”

What am I missing here? Or is this YouTube just being YouTube?

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  1. McGehee »

    20 April 2019 · 12:23 pm

    Or is this YouTube just being YouTube?

    Must… not… channel… Don Rickles…

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