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Who threatens liberty? Looking at the label won’t tell you:

Neither communism, nor socialism, nor fascism, nor progressivism, nor liberalism, nor conservatism, nor any of a thousand different “isms” are the real threat to liberty. The people who adhere to one or more of those are threats to liberty, and yet, the communist is not a threat to liberty because he is a communist. The fascist is not a threat because she is a fascist. Certainly, those and other systems can give power to the ones who adhere to those political and/or economic philosophies. But they are not where the real threat, the most basic and fundamental threat, lies.

The threat to liberty is not determined by where a person or philosophy falls upon some modern version of a left-to-right political spectrum. The fundamental threat to liberty comes from neither the modern leftist nor the modern rightist. Instead, the threat to liberty comes from where it has always come. It comes from the authoritarian and the busybody. It comes from those with a fundamental need to tell others what to do. It comes from those with an unhealthy interest in the lives and activities of others. These are the people who threaten liberty. Regardless of party, regardless of political philosophy, regardless of ideology, these folks have always been and always will be threats to liberty.

Just make sure one of those folks isn’t staring back at you from the mirror.

(Via Pergelator.)

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  1. McGehee »

    29 April 2019 · 11:15 pm

    And every single one of them — including the ones who left a trail of millions of dead bodies — thought they were using their power to create a better world.

    If only those belonging to the voluntary human extinction movement would focus their recruiting on the do-good-by-mass-murder types among us, they might actually achieve some portion of their goal.

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