Heisman for all seasons

The Friar speculates, sanely of course, on the financial future of former Sooner quarterback and 2018 Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray:

There is now much discussion about what size of contract Murray may be offered by Arizona, with all kinds of numbers thrown about. Were I Mr. Murray, one of the major numbers I would want on the table during negotiations is 3.2.

Because that’s how many times Cardinals quarterbacks were sacked per game in the 2018 season, and if they hold to that mark this year then Mr. Murray will need to build his aspirin and Ben-Gay use into his financial picture.

And it’s not like he can resist the onslaught of the defensive line with sheer bulk: the guy’s shorter than I am, and if he weighs even 200, you have to figure he’s packing some ballast somewhere.

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