Papa was a scaredy cat

And here, he goes and demonstrates that: News station posts image of my 11 year old daughter on Facebook and Facebook refuses to remove it!!?

What part of the word “news” do you not comprehend?

My 11 year old daughter went to a public event with a friend and the news station ended up taking a photo of her and posting it public on their Facebook page and in the newspaper they interviewed my child and posted images of her with personal info without my consent. her face in the middle of the shot, her name and location… a huge safety concern for us as out town has less than 2000 people and there’s only one school here.

We contacted the news station and explained out displeasure, they didn’t care and refused to remove the image. We’ve reported it to Facebook several times and they refuse to delete it. How can I have the image removed or at least her name/location out of there? I’m fuming, last time she goes to an event by herself.

Probably the biggest thing that’s ever going to happen to that poor girl in Podunkylvania, and you want to piss all over it. When they take you to the nursing home, be sure to ask for double occupancy.

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