All your ace are belong to them

Four of them, specifically, as you already knew:

The Strong Museum of Play announced the 2019 class of World Video Game Hall of Fame, and we’re excited to share that Microsoft Solitaire is one of the inductees. For many people, Solitaire was their introduction to computer games. Since Windows 3.0 came out in 1990, Solitaire has been a featured program on every version of Windows. Over the past 29 years, Microsoft Solitaire has been providing great entertainment to more than 500 million players in every corner of the world, making it a natural fit for the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

“Microsoft Solitaire being inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame makes this a historic day! It’s incredible to think that one of the most played video games in the world got its start in 1990 as a way for Microsoft to teach users how to use a mouse,” says Paul Jensen, Studio Manager for Microsoft Casual Games. “We are humbly honored to have the opportunity to work on a game that has such broad appeal, is localized into 65 languages, and played in over 200 markets around the world, including Antarctica.”

Other inductees this year include Super Mario Kart, Colossal Cave Adventure, and Mortal Kombat. And yes, there’s a physical location for the Museum, in Rochester, New York.

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  1. McGehee »

    3 May 2019 · 9:05 am

    Is there a cheat code for free admission?

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