One step beyond the fidget spinner

The pitch:

PowerSchool is the leading #EdTech provider serving more than 45 million students in over 70 countries.

An observation from an actual teacher of my acquaintance:

Parents of students under 16: Take the damn PowerSchool app off your kids’ phones. All they do is wait for the next notification to hit their phone or watch once a grade is posted. Instant gratification for either less and less effort, or your kid is going through massive anxiety 24/7. I just entered a grade of 93. Kid dropped to a 96. Got an email from an upset kid within five seconds.

Sorry. It’s annoying as hell how the technology is clearly correlating with less effort or higher anxiety levels. Some kids even say “as long as I’m not flunking it’s all good.” Or, “OMG OMG I dropped from an A+ to an A!! I’m having palpitations!!”

It’s probably a good thing we didn’t have stuff like that when I was a schoolboy.


  1. fillyjonk »

    7 May 2019 · 6:19 pm

    Not to mention the anxiety it could engender in the teachers, who are now expected to be at parents’ and students’ beck and call pretty much 24/7 with this thing. One of the many reasons I kind of loathe BlackBoard is the e-mail I get in the middle of the night – or the middle of a weekend afternoon – asking me when I’m going to update something that I just posted a day ago.

    I admit the online gradebook is helpful, but some of the other stuff we’re expected to do, it just means a lot more “maintenance” work.

  2. CGHill »

    7 May 2019 · 6:26 pm

    Sometimes I think the only reason the economy is in decent shape these days is because everybody is buying apps like they’re made of palladium or something.

  3. fillyjonk »

    7 May 2019 · 6:42 pm

    Well, there WAS that whole “learn to code” meme, as if a glut of coders would somehow solve the “Millennials can’t afford houses or cars” thing.

  4. Roger Green »

    8 May 2019 · 10:35 am

    As a parent of a teenager and the husband of a teacher, I TOTALLY agree!

  5. CGHill »

    8 May 2019 · 5:27 pm

    A lot of this newfangled crap comes out with the expectation that “They’ll get used to it.” Don’t hold your breath.

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