Do the Walmart shuffle

When I first started doing this online-grocery thing, the nearest Walmart (about a mile and a half) had six parking spaces — they call then “lanes” — for the folks picking up stuff, whether it’s groceries or something bulky from elsewhere in the store. This proved to be insufficient, and so they added four more spaces to the north, and sensibly numbered them 7 through 10.

They still have ten spaces, but the configuration files have been tweaked, or something. I pulled into the second space from the curb, which previously was #2. Some time in the last six days, it metamorphosed into #9; the lane farthest north, the lane closest to their service door, used to be #10 but is now #1.

The only reason I can think of for this is if people have a marked preference for lower-numbered lanes, they’ll pull in closer to the service door, saving the staff a few steps each day.

(The title is what it is because of 10cc.)

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