Cosmic jokes

He who created us, I have always felt, has had a slightly-warped sense of humor. The events in my life over the past month or so, I contend, pretty much prove it.


  1. fillyjonk »

    11 May 2019 · 7:10 pm

    I’ve had enough stuff happen….oddly….in my life in recent years to figure that He Who Is In Charge enjoys a good joke. And I’ve also had stuff happen (I mainly remember being given charge of the Youth Group after the church split, where I had prayed “If there is anything I can do to help keep things together there, lead me to it”) where I said “Okay, I get it, but I kinda wish You had had something else in mind”

    I also tend these days to believe that certain “coincidences,” really aren’t.

  2. Roger Green »

    12 May 2019 · 7:21 am

    i’d mention i’m retiring at the end of june except that someone might read it

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