Subtitle wave

Another one of those SEO charlatans hits the spam bucket with a pitch of surpassing dubiousness:

How would you like to Upload A SINGLE Video And RANK for 100 LANGUAGES !!!


ONLY 25% of the searches made online are in ENGLISH! And yet everybody focuses on trying to rank in ENGLISH!

YouTube is the 2nd BIGGEST website in the world … And still you focus all your efforts trying to rank and get traffic ONLY from Google!


With Over 3 Billion Searches A Month … All the visitors that you will ever need ARE ALREADY ON YOUTUBE!

3 billion searches a month. 5% are not in English … Do the math … 2.2 billion searches each month in foreign languages!

Are you getting an idea on how much money you are leaving on the TABLE?

Almost everyone I know would rather read something than watch an incomprehensible video. But you can’t go thinking like that; why, it might affect your income somehow.

Every last one of these 21st-century phrenologists needs to be busted for illicit vending of reptile-based lubricants.

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