Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

Well, actually, it was Saturday, and this isn’t Pleasant Valley, but Status-Symbol Land remains what it always was:

runaway drone

Lil Red Drone disregarded control commands and flew away. Last seen heading south on NW 66th and Independence at approximately 100 feet altitude. May run out of juice around 50th and May, Maybe even 39th. Please share.

Well, it didn’t land here.

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  1. Tom »

    13 May 2019 · 1:05 pm

    The ads make drones appear easy to fly. They’re anything BUT. A drone is four props & motors controlled by a Chinese version of Windows 95, besieged by buggy updates, with a non-intuitive joystick controller in the hands of a novice who hasn’t read the manual, testing it in Oklahoma’s winds. What could possibly go wrong?

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