The post-Gaylord era

E. K. Gaylord thought it was important for you to know what he thought about things, so the editorial page of the Oklahoman was kept sprucely maintained, even if some of the attitudes seemed to date to the 19th century or before. (Edward King Gaylord was born in 1873, and while he wasn’t the guy who actually founded the paper, he was the guy who kept it coming to your porch every day until 1974, on a day when he went to work and never made it home again.)

But those days are pretty much gone. Kelly Dyer Fry told us after the GateHouse takeover that cutbacks were inevitable, and she wasn’t kidding; I didn’t actually go out and find a newsstand copy to verify, but both Print Replica and PDF versions today were utterly devoid of editorials. The Opinion page was more conspicuous than usual, simply by its absence.

The Opinion page on was at its usual level of activity. There is, though, a column of Featured Links off to the side, and the first item in that column is “THE OKLAHOMAN: See all recent editorials.” I hit it, and got 404ed. I’d estimate that 404 is also the rotational speed of Ed Gaylord, six feet beneath the surface of the planet.

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