For our future ink-stained wretches

If you were about to graduate from the Reed School of Media at West Virginia University, you might have been worried if maybe you’d signed up for a one-way trip to the downward spiral. Newspapers, after all, are under a lot of stress these days.

To persuade you otherwise, here’s Hilde Lysiak of the Orange Street News:

Yes, she’s serious. But then, she is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. And yes, she’s twelve years old.


  1. McGehee »

    18 May 2019 · 12:29 am

    A Venn diagram depicting the Golden Age of journalism, and the requirement of a journalism degree to work in the field, would have zero overlap.

    The greatest beneficiaries of Mandarinization in our modern age are the first generation of Mandarins; after that, the returns diminish rapidly.

  2. May #2: Philosophy of the World – Ramblin’ with Roger »

    31 May 2019 · 10:54 am

    […] Hilde Lysiak of the Orange Street News gives commencement address at Reed School of Media at West Virginia University […]

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