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Francis W. Porretto on those people who insist that they are “woke”:

The suggestion that The Woke are sincere about the phantasm of “social justice” runs counter to the available evidence. If there are any in that community who genuinely do care about the persons they supposedly champion — and who are they, specifically? — what are they actually doing about it, other than preening about their superiority to the rest of us? What real-world results, measurable enough to register on some scale of acknowledged significance, can they show us?

The answer is unpleasant: They can show us nothing of the kind. The devolution of Wokeness from a putatively sincere concern with racial and ethnic exclusion, poverty, or other varieties of imagined “oppression,” into a competition for status has made objective gains of the sort others would admire, or at least respect as indications of sincerity, impossible. Today’s Woke are concerned solely with the status their methods can attain for them.

It is a mistake to attribute to The Woke any degree of sincerity or integrity, especially as the “causes” they champion are mere fantasies, without exception.

That middle paragraph reminds me of the inevitability, and the universal applicability, of Gresham’s Law: that which is good will in time be replaced by that which is not so good.

And to remind everyone: “social justice” is to justice what “social disease” is to disease.


  1. McGehee »

    18 May 2019 · 9:07 am

    The pursuit of status among higher primates such as ourselves can be understood quite properly as a surrogate for the imperatives of food, shelter and sex — because among higher primates in the wild, status is the key to every door.

    The Woke are no more highly evolved than those they claim to despise. In some cases, less so.

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