Truly, Madhu, deeply

Madhu Shalini circa 2012

So I had copied a bunch of images into my wallpaper directory, which now has about 370 items, one of which is swapped in every ten minutes. More than once, I’ve seen an image come up and wondered “Who the heck is that?” A little research revealed not only her name, but the fact that she’d been featured here before — in a photo from the same shoot, at that.

Madhu Shalini really hasn’t boosted her profile in the six years since; she does a couple of films a year, she keeps in touch with her social-media followers — her Twitter profile reads “Actor. Dancer. Entrepreneur. Whacko” — and every now and them someone puts out a Where Are They Now? story about her.

Madhu Shalini on the 18th of May

Madhu Shalini smiles a bit

I have no idea what is meant by that “18th May” inscription, but clearly it has to be here today.

Most recently, she’s appeared in Goodachari, which is Telugu for “Spy.” And that’s the role she plays: a new graduate from spy school, posted to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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