Someone got paid for this

Perhaps the dumbest aspect of Quora is the fact that they actually pay people to ask questions. The inevitable result of this, as could have been predicted by anyone who doesn’t drink the social-media Kool-Aid, is that lazy bastards will write the same question dozens of times, changing a single variable in each one, and then uploading the lot.

That lot will almost always contain something at this level of stupid:

Which artist sang the song Tequila

As regular readers of this space know, the One Whole Word in that record by the Champs was uttered by composer/saxophone player Danny Flores.

And yes, they offered to enroll me in the program. I threw the offer away.


  1. Brian J. Noggle »

    18 May 2019 · 7:20 pm

    I cannot say anything, as I once boasted that I counted the times they sing “Naa naa naa naa naa naa naa Batman!” in the television them song.

    Only to be corrected by one Charles G. Hill.

  2. CGHill »

    18 May 2019 · 9:04 pm

    I recorded several CD-R mixdiscs (like mixtapes, only not) of nothing but instrumentals, though the last track on each disc is reserved for a song whose instrumental qualifications are dubious. This included both “Tequila” and the Batman theme.

  3. Roger Green »

    24 May 2019 · 10:44 am

    So THAT’S why they’re so banal. Although I DID answer the question about Grapevine, because someone else’s answerer – Marvin Gayte – was clearly inadequate.

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