Business undone

If I spend long periods of time on the toilet, there’s something wrong with me. And this isn’t it:

So here it goes I’ve been looking for answers and cant find any please professional answers only.. so I was in the bathroom and I decided to try and look at porn while on the toilet. But once I reached the site it said it was blocked and didnt let me go through… I then realized I was connected to the company wifi as I stated above it doesnt require any credentials to log in it just comes up with a page that says you have to agree to there terms and hit accept and your in… my worry is would the IT administrator be able to track it back to me like literally track it back to me and say hey you did this. Once I went to the page it said blocked and wouldnt let me view it but my concern is would the IT guy be able to see someone tried to visit porn and then literally track it back to me say through my IP adress or my MAC adress I posted this on another site and got different answers I’m looking for something solid and definite. Here are some details I used a Samsung galaxy s9 and my phone name is just galaxy s9 it doesnt say my name or anything I never was able to access the site it was blocked but I’m wondering if they could pinpoint it to me or would this be hard to do would they need a court order and things of that nature to actually go through the process of getting to me… please help I’m worried I’m gonna lose my job thanks a ton for real and professional answers

The really hilarious aspect of this, you’ll note, is that the silly fool is looking for “professional answers” when his problem is that he was trying to watch porn from the corporate restroom. The one true “professional answer,” of course, is “You’re fired.”


  1. fillyjonk »

    20 May 2019 · 11:57 am

    “Boss makes a dollar,
    I make a dime
    So I try to look at porn
    on company wifi”?

  2. McGehee »

    20 May 2019 · 3:08 pm

    Most likely, if they bothered to investigate, they’d find an unfamiliar device and — given that the network is apparently open to anyone who agrees to the terms — would assume some visitor who didn’t know better tried to look at a blocked site.

    Unless I’m missing something they’d only investigate further if they determined it did come from a logged-on, company-owned device.

    And frankly, since the site was blocked, I’m thinking a reprimand given in person and put in his personnel file to be the more likely first-time consequence.

    Do it again, yeah, walk of shame with your belongings in a box. You clearly knew better but tried again anyway, we’re done with you.

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