Blades in all directions

This opened last week in New York, and I pretty much have to wonder how it’s doing:

Skintimate® will open the country’s first-ever professional leg shave bar in NYC —The Shave Bar by Skintimate — where consumers are invited to get ready with friends by receiving complimentary leg shaves by expert estheticians in a colorful, spa-meets-bar environment that engages the senses and is inspired by the brand’s signature shave gels and first collection of disposable razors.

As the market continues to explode with on-demand beauty services — from blow dry and lash bars to infrared saunas — Skintimate, known as the shave prep category leader for decades, is extending the social act of getting ready (one men have enjoyed at barber shops for years) beyond the bathroom and into a unique and social setting.

“The Shave Bar by Skintimate is largely inspired by our consumer — she’s an experience-seeker who makes every moment fun. Shaving is not a mundane chore for her, it’s part of the getting ready process that we see her embracing with friends and sharing on social media,” said Jennifer Rogers Sheppeard, Skintimate Brand Manager at Edgewell Personal Care. “As the authority in shave prep, Skintimate has created this new beauty concept, inspired by our scented new razor handles and vibrant shave gels, aimed to energize and inspire people to get ready with us. And what better place to open first than New York, a city filled with a diverse range of consumers who represent the Skintimate ethos.”

I dunno. Most of the women I know probably think “mundane chore.” Then again, there’s much to be said for letting yourself be pampered once in a while.


  1. fillyjonk »

    22 May 2019 · 10:13 am

    As long as they are not promoting “let us shave your legs for you.” I have too many trust issues for that. Then again, given how regularly I nick myself during that mundane chore, maybe someone else could do it better than I could

  2. CGHill »

    22 May 2019 · 11:24 am

    I have tentatively concluded that Taylor Swift is not likely to patronize this service.

  3. hollyh »

    22 May 2019 · 12:24 pm

    As an older person who no longer needs to shave anything (except for occasional mustache whiskers), I’ll pass on it. But, if I were a little richer, I’d go for a pedicure each and every week, just for the foot-rubs. I am so grateful that they don’t charge more for large feet.

  4. CGHill »

    22 May 2019 · 5:52 pm

    Among the women I know of a Certain Age, about half are freed from the tyranny of the blade, and a smaller fraction claim to have five-o’clock shadow by nine-thirty in the morning. (I have seen one case of the latter with my own two otherwise-delighted eyes.)

    And now I’m wondering if a nail salon would charge someone with polydactyly anything, um, extra.

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