Poor little rich girl

Katharina Andresen from there down

Katharina Andresen, said Forbes this spring, is the third youngest billionaire on the planet, worth around $1.4 billion; she owns 42.2 percent of the Norwegian conglomerate Ferd AS. (She has a kid sister, Alexandra, who owns the same percentage and who obviously is a younger billionaire.) The Instagram photo above, I’m guessing, is intended to give you a look at that probably very expensive piece of jewelry.

Katharina Andresen out of the pool

Katharina Andresen back into the pool

Katharina is twenty-four today, and perhaps she’s learned her lesson from this incident from 2017:

Andresen was pulled over in her Audi and found to have a blood-alcohol content three times Norway’s legal limit.

In Norway, fines for drunk driving are based on one’s wealth. This week, Andresen was fined the equivalent of $30,400.

In fact, the Associated Press reported, the price of the fine could have been a whole lot greater.

“Oslo City Court said the penalty could have been up to 40 million krone ($4.9 million) if based on Andresen’s assets, but they ‘have not yielded any dividend yet’ and she has no fixed income,” the wire service said. “The court did increase the fine because of her estimated wealth, however.”

Norwegian press reported Andresen’s sentence also included 18 days of imprisonment and a 13-month license suspension.

The Norwegian standard — 0.02 BAC — is extremely stiff; triple that would be legal in most of the US.

The news report was pretty severe in its own right.

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