Use and reuse

Sensible advice from Brian J.:

When lining your household garbage cans with used plastic grocery bags, place the bags inside the garbage can inside-out so your guests don’t have to think before judging you based on where you shop!

For example:

Reused plastic bag, courtesy of Brian J. Noggle

I don’t think there are any premium-priced supermarkets whose name begins with the word “price.”


  1. Brian J. »

    23 May 2019 · 9:31 am

    And always doing something gruesome to the prices.

    Price Chopper.
    Price Cutter.
    Price Feeding into the Woodchipper.

  2. CGHill »

    23 May 2019 · 1:21 pm

    Which makes me wonder why faucet maker Price Pfister decided to pfist the word “price” out of its name.

    Or maybe ir doesn’t.

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