Stanch that flow

A precautionary measure, and a serious one:

If you carry a gun, and you’re not carrying a tourniquet or two, you’re either LARPing, or you’re a fucking idiot. The fact is, a “gunfight” implies bilateral ballistics, and the enemy gets a vote. If you assume your one box of ammo a month “practice” regimen means you’re automatically a far better marksman than the bad guy you are going to end up in a gunfight with, well, I’ve got an 8 ounce jar of fairy dust I’ll sell you cheap, and it’s guaranteed to make you stronger, faster, higher flying, and generally more attractive to members of your preferred sex.

“LARPing” is taking part in a live-action role-playing game, and you’re not supposed to bleed during them.

And regrettably, we probably all know someone who thinks that fairy dust is one hell of a deal.

(Via Tamara Keel.)

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