One of the great smiles

For the past couple of weeks, the Cultural Arbiters have been spewing about how the state of Alabama is some sort of Fourth World hellhole; most of my memories of the place are pretty positive, and so I decided to open this space to someone from Alabama with major talent and, yes, a great smile. So happy birthday, Octavia Spencer (47 we won’t mention the number). She was born in Montgomery and graduated from Auburn, and since we haven’t looked in on her in a couple of years, it seems like a good time to catch up.

Octavia Spencer promoting The Shack, 2017

Last time, release of The Shack was imminent, and some people got their BVDs knotted over it. Reviews were generally hostile. The box-office take, however, was formidable.

Octavia Spencer radiates warmth

Coming up next week: Ma, an atypical horror film with a black lead, and a female black lead at that.

And she has three films coming out in 2020 — so far.

Octavia Spencer is Gifted

To touch on that whole “smile” business, we have two clips. First, some lighthearted banter with Ellen:

And the very antithesis of “lighthearted,” a scene from 2011’s The Help, which got Octavia the first of three Academy Award nominations and an actual win:

Definitely someone with whom you do not mess.

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