Strange search-engine queries (695)

We’ve done this before, but if you missed out before, this is what’s going down: we’re looking at the search strings that lead Web surfers to this site, and we’re postings the ones which we think can be made to elicit cheap laffs. Nothing more complicated than that.

over a barrel:  What’s the most logical place to put a gun sight?

Blair apologized, but assured survivors of the Hurricane that they had not been:  Blown to smithereens.

rule 34 urban dictionary:  Somehow this seems superfluous.

uranus sound:  A faint ripping noise, only audible if there’s some air nearby.

lone star tick meat allergy snopes:  Not even Snopes would think that Texans eat ticks.

matinay:  She was named that because she was conceived during a Saturday-afternoon movie.

designated runner:  Not so loud, Major League Baseball might hear you.

florence foresti segolene royal:  “Name two French women with killer legs.”

so doggone cute:  Among others, Florence Foresti.

after polly shrum sells a stock, she avoids following it in the media. she is afraid that it may subsequently increase in price. what behavioral characteristic does shrum have as the basis for her decision making?  She used to own a lot of $TSLA.

fortress proppants:  A lot to expect of pants, even if they are just props.

jeanine pirro cleavage:  Well, that’s one way to get on Fox News.

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