Because I said I was

When the question is easy, you may assume the questioner is dumb: How to post transparent images on WordPress?

The complaint:

I am a graphic designer and I make templates that can be uploaded, when I post the images on WordPress it seems to add a white background, when the images are saved from the site they are no longer transparent.. what can I do to maintain the transparency of these images when posting to WordPress

If this guy is a “graphic designer,” I’m a farking gymnast. WordPress doesn’t have any effect on transparent backgrounds. So I’m going to guess that he was told, or that he read somewhere, to “optimize” the images, and a JPEG is likely to be smaller than a PNG — and JPEG doesn’t support transparency.

A kindly chap pointed out:

How exactly are you posting these images? Uploading PNGs to the Media Library will keep the files as-is; I’ve never had WP add any kind of background.

Neither has anyone else, not nobody, not nohow.

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