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A few of you have heard this before:

Not even @SwiftOnSecurity can change my mind, and normally I follow Tay around like a lost puppy.

And Google apparently did this deliberately:

The problem has arrived since a few days ago. Up to now Google worked perfectly well on Pale Moon with NoScript, with no problems, for years. Now this is happening on both Pale Moon and the latest Firefox, but NOT on Chrome!

I would like to know if this is a problem of Pale Moon having lately changed the user-agent string, or whether Google have modified their search-screen to penalize everybody except Chrome.

And just to exacerbate matters, you can’t Inspect Element and then select Block: it just reappears farther down the list.


  1. fillyjonk »

    29 May 2019 · 8:07 am

    I’ve heard tell of Google “breaking” some things (forms, etc.) for Firefox and other-browsers-than-Chrome. Despicable.

  2. McGehee »

    29 May 2019 · 8:18 am

    I suspect the Wokesters masquerading as coders at Google these days just never think about whether anybody uses other browsers than Chrome — and when they do they probably assume we’re all old, patriarchal racists so screw us anyway.

    It took something like a year for the Android Messages for Web system to work on anything but Chrome, but some grown-up who hasn’t been hounded out of the company yet finally fixed that.

    I don’t use NoScript so I don’t know what that’s about, but the Google search page still looks like it’s supposed to on Waterfox (though the Pale Moon sample shown by one of the forum members looked familiar, as in I may have seen it once but it reverted the next time I used Google.

    DuckDuckGo, by the way, has never changed, even temporarily, in any browser I’ve used. Just sayin’.

  3. CGHill »

    29 May 2019 · 5:26 pm

    I mention purely in passing that somewhere around version 28.0, Pale Moon reset the default search engine from the Big G to DuckDuckGo.

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