Rock around the block

No, this isn’t from Boulder, Colorado, but it’s probably too close for comfort:

One of two stones that fell on Colorado Route 145

The scary part is that this one had a sister:

A road in Colorado is closed indefinitely due to a massive rock slide that produced two boulders large enough to wipe out a significant portion of the pavement.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, the boulders struck Colorado 145 on Friday [5/24] between Cortez and Telluride. The slide included dirt and other rocks. The two huge boulders destroyed the full width of the highway pavement, leaving a trench about 8 feet deep across both lanes. The road is impassable, the department said.

The smaller rock was moved. This one, not so much: the state says it will have to be blown to bits before they can get it out of the road — and then, of course, they’ll have to fix the road.

(Via Pergelator.)

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