I’d rather have bots

Last time I was ranting about the abomination unto the Lord that is Google’s reCaptcha, I stayed within the bounds of Generally Speaking. Today we get a bit more specific.

And my major target is Yahoo!, which set up reCaptcha on several of its subsections, including Answers. It’s implemented badly: Google’s demand for a place for its mischief resulted in an unbordered box to that effect, stuck more or less in the middle of the page, whether or not there’s actual text there.

Bad implementation of worse software

It won’t hurt to experiment, I reasoned, and so I blew the dust off a copy of Internet Explorer 11 and went back to the same page. No tomfoolery.

And then I attempted to answer a question, and got hit with the dreaded nine-square Select All The Pictures With [Whatever] challenge.

“God damn you,” I said in approximately the same voice that Charlton Heston brought out after seeing the half-buried Statue of Liberty. I’ve answered 17,564 questions for these yobs, and this is how I am repaid. Unless they clean up their act in a big farking hurry, that’s the last one ever. And I hope they choke on billions of bots, which are undoubtedly even now being tweaked to get past this ill-conceived obstacle.

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