Now that’s composure

It would never have occurred to Ken Jennings, either:

Speaking of Mr Yankovic:

Released this very week in 1984, as it happens.


  1. Roger O Green »

    7 June 2019 · 6:47 am

    Naturally, being a weird Al fan, I LOVE this. Also, as you know, I lost on JEOPARDY! myself.

  2. McGehee »

    7 June 2019 · 8:01 am

    I guess being a professional gambler has taught him not to take losing too seriously — especially after walking away with a couple million bucks. I doubt it hurts that it was always house money.

    You just know those winnings will capitalize his next round of sports bets.

  3. nightfly »

    7 June 2019 · 2:41 pm

    Classy. I like a guy who can laugh at himself.

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