Furtive glances

“Mommy! He’s looking at me!”

Did you think only four-year-olds say that? Think again.

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  1. hollyh »

    10 June 2019 · 8:29 am

    “Hey Buddy, my eyes are up here!” as spoken by a woman with a ridiculously low-cut blouse. And a push-up bra.

    And yet one can argue for some sort of restraint on visual wandering. 30 years ago, I was out with hubby at the local pool. If I say so myself, I carried a swimsuit well. And then hubby practically twisted his neck off, staring at the teenage girls. I rolled my eyes and thought, “Man, don’t you know you already have a goddess? You’re making a fool of yourself.”

    And to him, I said….very little.

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