Strange search-engine queries (697)

There was a guy on Quora Saturday night who wanted to know what the most unlikely Google search might be. I should have just given him this link.

count the time in quarter tones to ten:  I’ll get right on it, probably around twenty-five or -six to four.

walmart 28214:  Yeah, there’s probably a Walmart in Charlotte.

reese witherspoon the man in the moon swimming:  Finally, a subtle(ish) request for nudes. (Yes, she, or at least a body double, was skinny-dipping.)

movie clothing database:  Query: what Reese Witherspoon was wearing in that swimming scene.

pick on someone your own Calibur:  Or, since you’ve almost certainly lost it, your ex-Calibur.

Juan is an ardent environmentalist and the sole supporter of two children. He found out that his:  Congressman is pushing for a bill to reduce family size because of “climate change,” and therefore one of the kids has to go.

chintziness:  A quality which Congress fears. Dreads, even.

pervy sloth meme:  Fingered by three toes. Fascinating.

choctaw ridge song:  Where the hell were you last week, on the third of June?

warner brothers records burbank:  They’ve moved out of Burbank, and they’re not even brothers anymore.

warner bros ball cap:  See if you can find one with the old logo.

black and decker vacuum:  I have one, and frankly, it sucks.

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