We can’t seem to get rid of the Renewable Fuels Standard, so I propose a workaround. Let’s price gasoline with ethanol at the same stratospheric heights as bourbon:

Went to the liquor store a couple of weeks ago and picked up a bottle of Four Roses ($25) and a bottle of Jack Daniels ($20). I used to drink Jim Beam because it was cheaper, but it had a bit of a bite to it. When I thought I could afford it (after the kids were all through with school), I decided I could splurge a little and moved up to Jack Daniels. Much smoother. I drank the bottle of Four Roses first and it was very good. And then I turned to the Jack Daniels and it wasn’t quite as smooth. It has just a hint of a bite to it. So I’m thinking there is a pretty definite relationship between price and smoothness, or lack of bite if you prefer. So generally, you’re going to drink the cheapest whiskey you can tolerate.

Which is consistent with our behavior regarding gasoline: there’s always someone who’d rather not pay more for premium, no matter what the owner’s manual says.


  1. McGehee »

    14 June 2019 · 11:46 am

    I resemble that remark!

  2. hollyh »

    14 June 2019 · 1:01 pm

    Me too! Guilty as charged. I avoid ethanol but only for the cheapest level of real gas.

  3. McGehee »

    14 June 2019 · 1:30 pm

    Good for you, Holly. The sooner we use up all the petroleum, the sooner we’ll have no choice but to embrace alternatives!   ;-)

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