I beg your Parton

She dumped him because he’s a frigging moron: My girlfriend sang the song “I Will Always Love You” to me last year. She broke up with me yesterday. Can I sue her for breach of contract?

There are hints in the thread that he’s underage anyway, but that doesn’t affect his moron status in the least.


  1. McGehee »

    17 June 2019 · 8:20 am

    If he acted like she had entered into a contract by singing him that song, I think I may know why she broke up with him.

  2. CGHill »

    17 June 2019 · 11:38 am

    “You promised!”

  3. Brian J. »

    17 June 2019 · 12:31 pm

    Considering it’s a song about breaking up, I’d say she has fulfilled the terms.

  4. Roger Green »

    18 June 2019 · 9:25 am

    Brian J – true enough.

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