Jesus and I

“I knew Jesus,” sang Glen Campbell, “before He was a superstar.” It ain’t “Amazing Grace,” but maybe it works for some folks:

This does seem to be a modern theme in our culture: it’s for me, forget the rest of the people. I think this also shows up in some of the newer hymns/praise-songs that are more about either “what God did for me, specifically” or, as some people have derisively called them “Jesus is my BFF” songs. And yeah, yeah, probably the best-known Christian hymn ever does say “saved a wretch LIKE ME” but … many other hymns are more about the attributes of God, or God’s greatness, or the church as a whole, rather than as individuals. And I do wonder, if we lean too hard on “me” and forget about the “us,” if that doesn’t lead to allowing some of the divisions we see. I mean — I have people in the congregation with me that I consider friends, that I probably would never socialize with if it weren’t for the commonality of our faith.

And then there’s Tom T. Hall’s “Me and Jesus,” which sounds like one of those BFF numbers, but which slips a few counter-tropes into the mix.

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