Capital goes to the front

The Ruling Class hath decreed that social and economic stratification shall be the order of the day:

If you have capital, you are safe; if you bought a row of apartment homes in San Francisco back in 1980 or if you happened to get stock options at Microsoft or if your father worked for Goldman Sachs. The value of your capital is increasing at an exhilarating rate. It would be very difficult for you to fall out of the #Blessed set. You don’t need to worry about being replaced, either, because every possible entrance to your social class has been carefully manipulated to make sure that some hillbilly from West Virginia who happens to be genetically identical to you and therefore capable of equal performance — well, that guy is being force-fed opioids and his Harvard application had been put under a pile of protected-class entrants with 1050 SATs who will never, ever, pose a problem for you. So you’re good.

The people on the other end of the spectrum, the street-shitting homeless and the undocumented healthcare recipients and the tough guys driving unmuffled ’98 Civics right past the LAPD headquarters? They’ve adapted to the system and it works for them. They can flash-mob a BART or drop trou in front of your $1.965 million residence, secure in the knowledge that it’s more hassle to arrest them than it’s worth. Most of them receive some sort of government assistance which incentivizes their behavior.

Think of these two groups, the angel investors and the public defecators, as a pair of jaws crushing the middle class. Only the poor strivers and wannabes like me and [brother] Bark and most of my readers really need to worry about the future. We’re the only ones who need to find work in an increasingly fallow ground of professional career opportunities, the only ones who need to squeeze out a mortgage payment in a real estate market inflated to insanity by Chinese money and NINJA loans, the unhappy few who are neither too big to fail nor too poor to sue. We pay most of the taxes, do most of the value-added work, suffer the most from capricious behavior on the part of lawmakers and warmongers.

Meanwhile, if you’re waiting for one of the Protected Classes to overreach just enough to upset this applecart, you probably don’t want to leave your engine running: even the most avid sidewalk crapper is disinclined to go through several levels of gate and fence to drop a deuce on Dianne Feinstein’s porch.

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