Crappy driver alert

Which does not mean that he’s in any way alert himself: Why is my 2016 Mustang so damn slow?!?

This is what he means:

It’s an Ecoboost, first and foremost. I put in supreme gas, but, I could not pull away from a 2017-19 Kia Rio! So, I decided that it was just bad gas. Today, I couldn’t pass a 2006-08 Dodge Ram diesel (the kind with the wide ***, not too sure what they’re called). I’m sure if he didn’t brake I would have passed him eventually. But, it was taking seconds for me to catch up.

“Bad gas,” my wide ***. If you really think there’s something wrong with it, you should be taking the car to the shop, rather than piss and moan about your inability to be the stud goose on your block.

Also, car websites where I can get advice and ask questions like these?

Are you prepared for a Ford expert to tell you to perform an unnatural (and uncomfortable) act? Because that’s what’s going to happen.


  1. fillyjonk »

    24 June 2019 · 3:06 pm

    Does “supreme gas” come with peppers, onions, and Italian sausage on it?

    Also, I think he answered his question right there with the “Ecoboost” in his car’s name – a car salesman, back when I was car-shopping around 2010, warned me “they’re coming out with ecoboost models, and they won’t accelerate as well.” I never knew if he was right about that or not but I figured it was likely.

    Also, the term he’s looking for is “duallie.” I think that’s what he meant by “wide ***” (Which I heard for the first year I was here as “Dooley” and wondered why people referred to a pickup by an Irish surname….until I saw one and the penny dropped.)

  2. CGHill »

    24 June 2019 · 6:19 pm

    Those toppings would definitely give me supreme gas.

    “Ecoboost” in Mustangese means a 2.3 liter inline-four with 310 ponies. Typically with a turbo, you’re quick off the line, but you run out of breath before the end of your run. I’m pretty sure that’s why he bought it: it scoots when you push the loud pedal. And what’ll you bet he didn’t find this out during an abbreviated test drive — if he tested it at all?

    Drop down your gate, Ram dualie, drop down your gate and haul.

  3. Scooby214 »

    25 June 2019 · 3:12 pm

    We test drove a few Fords with Ecoboost engines recently while car shopping. The turbo makes them fun to pass people on the highway, quickly navigate an onramp, etc. We ended up with a Fusion with a naturally aspirated engine. While it didn’t have quite the pep for quickly passing people, it felt like it had more torque.

    What won us over with the naturally aspirated engine was that it is far less complex than the Ecoboost. We found our engine to be relatively reliable when scouring the interwebs, while there have been a few problems with some Ecoboost engines in the cars I looked at overheating and blowing headgaskets.

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