Ever Eva

I had no ideas for this week’s Rule 5 stuff, so I decided that I would go with whoever came up next in the wallpaper rotation. So I waited a minute and fifteen seconds, and the desktop manager popped up a photo of Eva Longoria.

Eva Longoria on two wheels

Okay. What didn’t I know about her? I mean, there was that Desperate Housewives gig (eight years), there was the marriage to now-retired NBA star Tony Parker (not quite four years), and the usual fawning coverage by lad mags (since puberty, it seems). Well, there’s that Master’s degree in Chicano Studies, a term they probably don’t use anymore, from Cal State Northridge. And apparently she didn’t learn Spanish until her mid-twenties.

Eva Longoria at the Grammy Awards

Eva Longoria at the beach

Eva Longoria at the Billboard Music Awards

And if you’re into Good Dresses or the series Grand Hotel, here she is with Seth Myers:

(Short? She’s a whole five-foot-two.)


  1. Francis W. Porretto »

    25 June 2019 · 3:45 pm

    Rare is the beautiful celebrity — of either sex — who has more to offer than beauty. Eva Longoria is not one such.

  2. CGHill »

    25 June 2019 · 5:30 pm

    Yeah, there’s a blemish or two on her escutcheon. Then again, I’ve done about a thousand of these, um, profiles; damned few even approach my idea of perfection, which is perhaps just as well.

  3. jsallison »

    25 June 2019 · 8:39 pm

    Sorry any ‘degree’ whose title includes the word ‘Studies’, is not an actual degree certifying attainment of particular skills. It’s a ‘jock’ degree (Athletic ‘Studies’, anyone? Beuller? ). So, a degree for the skill of looking good in a dress while being a Chicana… I think anyone who has gotten a degree in [Fill in the blank] Studies should sue said awarding institution for fraud.

  4. hollyh »

    26 June 2019 · 10:50 am

    Right, most beautiful celebrities can only offer just that. But every now and then….you get a Hedy Lamarr.


  5. CGHill »

    26 June 2019 · 11:32 am

    Closer to the present, there’s Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years) who studied math at UCLA and has written several books on the subject.

    And so we don’t skip over the guys, there’s Dexter Holland of The Offspring, who earned a PhD in molecular biology from USC in 2017.

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