A wild Christopher appears

Once again, we tap the archives of the Wikipedant:

Prince wrote “Manic Monday” in 1984, and recorded it as a duet for the band Apollonia 6’s self-titled album; however, he eventually pulled the song. Two years later, he offered the single to The Bangles under the pseudonym “Christopher,” a character he played in the 1986 film Under the Cherry Moon. It was rumored by various writers that after Prince listened to the band’s 1984 debut album All Over the Place, he gave the song to Bangles rhythm guitarist Susanna Hoffs, so that in return she would sleep with him. Prince’s original demo recording of the song would not be released until it appeared on the 2019 demo compilation Originals.

Imagine wanting to get Susanna — oh, right. Never mind. Forget I said anything.

This is that original Prince demo:

And now we know: it was the bus that was already there.

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