Developing story

The trick here is to get this stuff developed properly:

Apparently there’s fake “Fujifilm” circulating out there. Worse, it’s a 35mm movie film stock that can’t be processed in C41 and could contaminate the chemistry if someone tried.

Wait a minute. Haven’t I been here before?

When I was still taking pictures (or “taking still pictures,” if you prefer) on 35mm film, I swore by Seattle FilmWorks, which had a proprietary film formulation — turned out to be repurposed motion-picture film, in fact — that worked exceptionally well on my little Minolta, at the cost of having to send in every roll to the Pacific Northwest for processing. Still, SFW did good work, and they sent back a fresh roll with every one they processed.

SFW film was processed in ECN-2 rather than C41. Inasmuch as SFW is long gone, I have to assume that this isn’t leftover SFW stock. Then again, just about all your 35mm movie film uses ECN-2, so sourcing the Fujifakes may be simply a case of being in the wrong place at the right time, or something like that.

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