Operation Sourpuss

Glenn Reynolds quotes a Facebook friend:

My biggest takeaway from the candidates in the Dem debates is there doesn’t seem to be any joy in any of them. They all seem to live in a perpetual state of anger, resentment and envy that absolutely poisons their lives. Those aren’t attractive qualities in political candidates. Say what you want about Trump but he rarely looks like he’s not having a good time. Optimism can be both attractive and contagious.

Which means, basically, that they’re toeing the party line, which is largely based on anger, resentment and envy; it’s fascinating how so much of the hatred of the “1 percent” emanates from 2 through 10. Trump’s semi-idiot grin is not all that wonderful to behold, but at least he’s not afraid to crack a smile.

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  1. hollyh »

    1 July 2019 · 12:34 pm

    He’s willing to smile, as he pours gasoline onto the flames of our burning planet. I’ll trade that in for a dour person who takes the problem seriously, any day.

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