Spoiler alert

This guy apparently has been looking over his shoulder: Do the police care about undeclared cosmetic car mods?

Say you have car insurance but add a spoiler to the car, a different body kit etc, and dont inform the insurance is there any way the police would be bothered or interested in trying to find that out? or do they only pull cars over with illegal mods.

In general, the police aren’t responsible for notifying your insurance company that you’ve added some stuff to your car: that’s your job. And I can’t imagine any circumstances under which a cop will spot a spoiler that wasn’t there yesterday. So this doesn’t look like a reason for concern.

Then I saw this down among the answers:

..your heading for one of those 57 seaters ..you already have 8 points on your licence ..and you want to buy an RS model ?? you will be like a magnet to the cops ..they will know who you are and your licence details ..its all on their computer ..in their car ..probably 50%of car accidents are not your driving that causes accidents ….however only 5% of drivers are 17-24 ..yet cause 20% of fatal crashes …your next problem ..your too young for a bus pass!!

So noted, though I don’t pretend to know all the context.

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