The ultimate Fold-In

Alfred E. Neuman is headed for the retirement home:

MAD Magazine will cease publication later this year, according to reports. Blogger Jedidiah Leland reportedly discovered the news after a MAD editor confessed to the magazine’s doom in a Facebook group, and shortly thereafter, cartoonist Ruben Bolling seemed to confirm the report on Twitter. Of course, Bolling is not a MAD cartoonist (although he did have work published in it in 2005), so he may have been simply responding to the growing volume of responses to the Leland report.

Per the report, “I just heard from a friend of mine who is in a Facebook group with MAD writer Stan Stinberg that, after the next two issues, MAD will no longer be publishing original material. Instead, it’ll publish reprinted material until its subscription responsibilities are fulfilled and then the magazine will cease publication.”

As Don Martin might have said, “SHTOINK!”


  1. fillyjonk »

    4 July 2019 · 6:34 pm

    I guess life just got too weird to be parodied any more…

    If The Onion decides to close up shop, then I’ll be really worried.

  2. CGHill »

    4 July 2019 · 6:41 pm

    We’re at the point now where Instapundit has to label weird news items as “Not The Onion.”

  3. McGehee »

    4 July 2019 · 10:50 pm

    We’ll always have the Babylon Bee: “So Satirical, Snopes has to fact-check us!”

  4. Roger O Green »

    5 July 2019 · 5:49 am

    The oddly way the news came – out – former guest editor Weird Al tweeted about it – means they’re nobody left to even close the door.

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