Old-age wasteland

Roger Daltrey figures his singing days are numbered:

Roger Daltrey thinks he will lose his voice “in the next five years.”

The 75-year-old Who frontman — who has taken to lip-reading nowadays due to his deafness — has admitted he fears “age” will start to affect the quality of his singing in the next few years.

He admitted: “Obviously within the next five years I think my voice will go. Age will get it in the end. It’s still there at the moment.”

Daltrey previously said that if he doesn’t keep singing, he could risk losing his voice, and he doesn’t want to retire just yet.

He said: “People don’t realise that as a singer, if I stop singing at my age now for a year, I won’t have a voice to go back to.”

There will be, we are told, at least one more Who album, with Daltrey, Pete Townshend and whoever else they can lure into the studio.


  1. fillyjonk »

    7 July 2019 · 12:56 pm

    I wonder at what ages other singers (I am thinking specifically of opera, but other styles as well) decided it was time to hang it up. I know you can hear differences in, for example, the early recordings of Ella Fitzgerald versus her last recordings, but….

    I know a lot of people who “retired” from church choirs, pleading that their voices were no longer strong enough, or they lost too much range. (I never had any range to begin with, which is why I don’t sing)

  2. McGehee »

    7 July 2019 · 4:14 pm

    Frankie Valli was still doing all right ffive years ago at “A Capitol Fourth,” and he was 80 then.

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