Strange search-engine queries (701)

Well, here we are again, doing the same old thing one more time. Apparently there’s life in this old shtick yet.

year jones/luther westbound interchange added to turner turnpike on hogback road:  What, you didn’t think it was finished, did you?

gallop poll:  More of a trot, actually.

“san francisco dungeon”:  From “dung,” fecal matter, plus “eon,” a long period of time.

john sununu iq:  Not so dumb that he’d change his name to John Sunoco in an effort to get free gas.

life is strange rule 34:  Actually, Rule 34 is one of the least strange aspects of life.

dirty trix:  Rabbits are not known for their neatness, especially at the breakfast table.

jedediah bila nude:  Not currently scheduled on Fox News.

austin power dildo experience:  Played three nights at Threadgill’s before the audience caught on.

quadratics jeep:  It’s a four-by-four, but it’s also a minus four-by-minus four.

undeferential:  Contrary to popular belief, not a component of a quadratics Jeep.

4chan 815:  I didn’t think any of those guys woke up before ten.

defiring:  What a gun won’t do no matter what silly laws are promulgated.

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